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 Why Dreams Are NOT What You Think

 Posted by: Brittney Zellner

Why dreams are NOT what you think - girl pondering

What Are Dreams?

Everyone dreams but no one seems to know for sure why we dream. Some believers think that our dreams come from God and that some come from the adversary or even demons. Further still, people believe that maybe some of their dreams are just nonsense. They believe it’s possible that they just ate one too many spicy tacos and their unconscious mind goes into spazz mode while they sleep. This is the typical belief among believers. However, I think it’s important to know that dreams are probably not what you think they are.

After years of study on the subject and hundreds if not thousands of dream interpretations later, I have come to the conclusion that every single dream and every single detail of those dreams are significant and …ready for this?

It’s all coming from God himself.

Yep, you heard me right. Even the scary ones. Even the uncomfortable ones that you would rather just hurry up and forget about. Every. Single. Dream.. whether you remember it or not, it is a form of communication that comes straight from our almighty and supreme father.

Hold the phone.

Firstly, before you get bent out of shape hear me out. This concept might seem crazy because some of the things we dream can seem like pure evil or because they seem like they are coming from some menacing other-being….and what about the unsaved people’s dreams and dreams to people from other religions? I will get to answering these topics in other blog posts and podcasts I promise, but let me first start simply. I will begin with a few bible scriptures before I start to explain how it could possibly make sense that dreams are inconsistent with what we think they are.

Does the bible say our nightmares come from God?

There are plenty of scriptures making it clear that at least some dreams come from God. At least there is no single place in the bible where it talks about an actual dream that did not come from Him. Hmm…maybe it’s just not important to mention the other ones? (Check out here and here for the other two biblical arguments for God-given dream theory)

In the book of Job, there are a lot of long parts where all of the deeds and doings of God are listed off. One of these deeds are nightmares that come from God.

What?? Yep, that’s right. God gets the credit for nightmares in Job chapter 33 verse 13 through 18. Here we read:

                   Job 33:13-18 New International Version (NIV)

13 Why do you complain to him

that he responds to no one’s words?

14 For God does speak—now one way, now another—

though no one perceives it.

15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,

when deep sleep falls on people

as they slumber in their beds,

16 he may speak in their ears

and terrify them with warnings,

17 to turn them from wrongdoing

and keep them from pride,

18 to preserve them from the pit,

their lives from perishing by the sword

Did you catch that?

He gives us nightmares to save us

Well, that seems harsh a bit don’t you think? How are we supposed to know if a nightmare is from him or say ..demons and devils?

I used to have this same question until I realized what was really happening here. I’ll give you two examples of how maybe this isn’t as harsh as we first perceive it to be.

Example one – The Nightmare Communication

Imagine you’re 6 years old and it’s a sunshiny day. You are running and playing and laughing in your front yard. Suddenly, you hear the shrieking and booming voice of a madman. So loud and scary is this voice that you stop dead in your tracks and you are so overwhelmed with emotion that you begin to cry uncontrollably as your father rushes towards you at lightning speed.

“Was that him? No, it couldn’t be my daddy,” you think.

You don’t understand the nightmare language.

You don’t even know what he was saying. All you know is that it scared you like nothing you ever felt before. You turn to the concerned and pained expression on your father’s face as he reaches you.

“Didn’t you see that car??” he says to you now slightly calmer but still much louder and scarier sounding than you would like…”You never go into the road!” he says much calmer now as he wipes your tears and holds you close. Even though you can feel his heart pounding against your face as he embraces you, you forget why you were even upset ten seconds after the whole episode and move on with your little life.

The nightmare has a purpose.

You see, part of the job of our creator is that of a father to us. We get so lost in our lives and caught up and distracted that we fail to see where our actions are leading us sometimes. We don’t see the danger coming at all…but he does.

The little child in my example didn’t even understand what his father was saying and for a moment there was nothing that could be perceived as the “love” that we are used to receiving from him. Any parent will tell you, however, that a warning like that is the strongest kind of love and that is the point I am trying make.

Most people do not know what he is saying but when you have a nightmare that scares you enough, you may stop dead in your tracks and think about what you are doing in life. Moreover, you don’t know why you had to feel so dreadfully scared but you may be out of danger now, your is now father comforted, and yet the whole situation is not even clear in your mind. In short, this is just like the little boy in my example.

Example Two

(This will make the most sense to parents but try to bear with me) You just brought home your newborn baby. As you lay the baby down on the changing table, he keeps grabbing at the poopy diaper that you are trying to change him out of. As a result, you start to talk to him in your sweetest voice because if you make your voice normal the kid will probably become startled and cry.

“Don’t do that baby”….”awww you are just so cuuuute aren’t you??”….”mister silly face you better not touch that yucky diaper or you’ll get it in your mouth, ewww!”

  1. Why the heck do parents talk to their children like this?
  2. Don’t they realize these kids can’t understand a word they are saying?
  3. Is it really just something cutesy that parents do and has no other meaning?

Research* would suggest that when we practice speaking to children when they don’t understand us, they will be quicker to understand us as they grow, the earlier we start. Google it. It’s a thing.

Could it be possible that this is why God communicates with us so often in this way that most of us don’t understand? Because man, I’m telling you that once you start to understand what He is telling you through your dreams, your spirit will grow in leaps and bounds as I have seen first hand in so many lives.

Now can you see why it is so important to me to teach everyone and anyone the simple basics of his dream language? It is as constant and sensical as a daddy who speaks to his child and anyone with the desire can figure it out.

Wouldn’t you like to stop guessing or waiting for someone else to tell you?

You can learn his language and hear his guidance first hand for the benefit of your very own personal relationship with him.

You can figure out what your dreams really mean, what they really are and why they are not what you think.



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