What Does Your Dream Really Mean?

Posted by: Brittney Zellner

What does your dream mean? - girl sunset

To put it simply, your dream is communication from God to give you guidance in life.

We don’t always feel that we need guidance but apparently, He does. Sometimes His guidance is an encouragement to keep up the good work. Sometimes it’s a gentle correction or a refocusing of the direction you are going. It is even sometimes a warning that you are headed for disaster. To find out what your dream means will also tell you how He is trying to guide you.

Your dream is made up of a special language called symbolism.

It’s a language that is around us every day that we know without knowing. I know that sounds strange but it’s true. For example, if I said that my brother is “like a rock” you would have an idea what my brother could be like. He’s probably strong and dependable. If I said he was “a marshmallow” you might think he’s a weightier guy or a sensitive guy that’s sweet. The point is that in a dream, everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel (emotionally and physically) are symbolic of some communication from God.

The communication is all about you.

Just like a baby or a toddler, when you talk to them, it’s all about them. You might babble on about anything to your child who cannot understand you. However, when you are close and sincere or correcting, it’s all about them. Your words are all about your relationship with them, and what you expect from their behavior. Just because you see another person in your dream doesn’t mean God is telling His little spiritual child that they need to correct another little spiritual child. He simply uses their behavior as an example of how the way you are acting is so similar. Their behavior becomes useful in correcting your behavior.

Your dreams are a complex combination of symbols that reflect your state of mind. 

Imagine if you could unzip your brain and enter into the realm of your internal thoughts and emotions at this very moment. You might see a symbol of something that represents your kind of curiosity. Maybe a cat is walking around. Cat’s are known for their curiosity and so one of the many things they symbolize is the emotion around curiosity. In a dream, however, the symbolic communication is determined by the Holy Spirit and your spirit as it reacts to Him.

Symbols are consistent and fluid.

What I mean is that a symbol of a dog doesn’t just mean an emotion that is loyal and nothing else like your dream dictionary might be telling you.

*Side note* ..I abhor dream dictionaries for the most part because of this simple fact. Reading a random book or online dream dictionary to learn our Majesty’s language is like using a Spanish phrasebook to understand someone who is French where eighty percent of the translations are incorrect Spanish, to begin with. The easiest way to learn any language is immersion and repetition. Babies learn this way and this is how God teaches us. Through every dream of yours that you study you will learn more and more symbolism until you are fluent. 

Back to consistent and fluid. A symbol’s meaning is everything that it is, it’s purpose and description. It is not static just like our own language is not. The word “love”, for example, means so many things but these things are usually related. My advice to those that want to remember the symbols they learn is to create your own dream dictionary for your own personal use. Then add to it as you learn more. The point, however, is to be able to figure these out on your own. You shouldn’t have to look it up more than once.

Before you even understand what your dreams are they still have a purpose.

As the father talks to you through them, you feel certain emotions. Just like a baby feels the emotions of their parents as they speak to them. You can tell when you wake up from a dream that has left you feeling inspired or refreshed that your father is pleased with you. If you wake up from a nightmare or a dream that has left you feeling uncomfortable then it should be clear that something is wrong with your behavior or thoughts. Your father feels there is a critical need for correction or adjustment right away.

Babies and toddlers can sense their parent’s approval or disapproval by the tone of the parent’s voice even when the words don’t make sense. Likewise, even before you understand your Abba’s words, you will understand His intent. Whether to warn or to encourage. You will think and by thinking you may change your life’s course.

Above all else, your dream means that Yahweh our Abba loves you.

It means that anyone, anywhere who dreams is on the receiving end of His communication. It means that the Elohim of heaven feels that every single person on earth who dreams should have the opportunity to find Him and our Messiah.

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Psalm 32:8 (NIV)

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
  I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

Psalm 16:7 (NET)

I will praise the Lord who guides me;
  yes, during the night I reflect and learn.