What Do Tornado Dreams Mean?

Posted by: Brittney Zellner

People often dream of tornados. It usually leaves the dreamer with a sense of foreboding that is difficult to ignore or let go of. It’s true that waking life tornados symbolize serious destruction but the ones in our dreams…do they symbolize the same thing?

You’re dreaming of a nice sunny day outside in your front yard…suddenly you can see off on the horizon 3 scary tornados. You feel a sense of awe and wonder. You don’t feel afraid however and when you wake up from this dream you wonder why. The reason is simple. Tornados don’t symbolize absolute destruction in our lives any more than real tornados do. Tornados don’t last long. They don’t hit everyone and everything that notices them either. They represent the possibility of disaster and a possible quick stirring up of everything that could leave you having to start over.

In our waking lives, there are situations that give us this same feeling of foreboding. Maybe you have a relative coming to visit for a week or you’ve just been informed at work that layoffs are coming. Both of these situations have the potential to cause us to feel that big crazy changes could occur if we are not paying careful attention to where we are spiritually located. In my dream example there are 3 tornados. Since three symbolizes our plans and our goals then to dream of three tornados on the horizon would be more symbolic of the realization that our plans could be what is causing the possibility of changes that will be messy and the reason we have no fear about it is because messy changes aren’t something certain people are bothered by. Some people, by contrast, thrive on messy changes when given a chance to clean them up.

Still, there are others who find these kinds of dreams terrifying. It is very important to note what we are doing in the tornado dreams, how we feel in and after the tornado dream and even how close they are to us. Do we perish in them? Perishing represents a situation in our waking life so tumultuous that our personality changes almost unrecognizably. Even the different names for them make their symbolizations differ. When a tornado is referred to as a “twister” in a dream, for example, this symbolizes a situation that skews the truth so as to destroy what is normal living.

Tornado symbols are fluid and do not mean one specific thing all the time and all in all we should keep in mind that a dream tornado does not necessarily mean or rarely if ever means a real tornado. The dream tornado is communication that should be taken seriously and the meaning should be sought so that you may have understanding about the state of your mind so that you may continue on the path towards the kingdom.