The Symbolism of Video Games

Posted by: Brittney Zellner

In a dream, playing video games symbolizes something in life that you enjoy that challenges you but isn’t something that should be taken seriously and might even be a waste of your time.

As a child I loved to play the Atari with my cousins and sister. We as children would spend hours learning how to challenge ourselves with something that wasn’t really important. It even really felt good to beat those challenging levels and waste some of those boring childhood hours…but now we grow up and what have we learned?

In the age of technology we as adults are always discovering more and more ways to take things seriously that aren’t important and wasting our time doing it. We focus on challenges that make us alone happy at the cost of our loved ones and real responsibilities.

For example, career driven people may sometimes find themselves dreaming of playing video games. People with hobbies that don’t involve all family members might also. That being said, if you have this dream remember.. It is important to have careers and hobbies but we should all remember that loving eachother means more than saying I love you. Loving one another means time and action and having our priorities straight.