The Symbolism of the Bathroom

Posted by: Brittney Zellner

For many years now I have endured listening to people attempt to interpret their own dreams or other people’s dreams. Some people get lucky and get the symbols right and even occasionally lined up with their lives, others I’m convinced still benefit from their botched dream interpretations but for me it’s like nails on chalkboard listening to someone butcher your passion with over spiritualized illogical nonsense. I have spent years listening to people claim to be knowledgeable about dream interpretation without any actual logic to it as if is it is commonly something they magically can know and guess at and be completely accurate. Recently I discovered that there are other interpreters that are closer to understanding dream interpretation the way I do but still, because it is not something they devote much time to, they end up misunderstanding all the symbols. Let me explain an example. There is a man who shows videos about some of the symbolisms of a dream in order to teach others to interpret their own dreams. In one video he explains what it would mean if he had a dream about being pregnant. He explains that pregnancy is symbolic of the creation of something new, precious, something that you grow and nourish within you that will one day come forth etc. He explains that this is actually a good symbol.

This is the problem that most people who are close to understanding symbolism run into. They start to understand the symbolism of something but they don’t fully comprehend it. Yes a pregnancy is symbolic of the creation of something new that you nourish but who is pregnant is a very important aspect of this symbol. A man being pregnant in our waking life is not natural so therefore a man being pregnant in a dream would also not be a natural thing. It would actually be something that goes against Yah’s order of things or more specifically something that would be out of the will of Yah.

While his conclusion about pregnancy was fairly accurate, he had limited understanding of the symbol. Symbols are not static. They are intertwined with everything else in the dream. This symbol can represent something wonderful or it can represent something purely evil and it takes much practice and experience to know the difference.

Recently I read an entry from a wonderful blog about dream interpretation. This women has a really wonderful understanding about many things and is even fairly accurate in understanding the symbolism of dreams but her understanding of a few symbols in both her dream and her son’s dream in this particular blog post were frustratingly inaccurate. You see, I have a rule that I will not approach someone with an interpretation unless they ask me directly, so because of this I could not explain to her anything that would be helpful, not to mention that she already posted somewhat of what she was pretty sure was the interpretation to her and her son’s dreams. It feels immature and inappropriate to me to even approach her privately with an interpretation when she believes she has already heard from Yah. I will use her dreams as an example of the lesson I would like to teach about how easily we can make mistakes at interpreting our own dreams without skill, practice or experience.

Dark_Room_by_ikizHer son’s dream was that he entered a bathroom and the light would not turn on and her dream was that she lived in a house full of spotless bathrooms. She explained, and I paraphrase, that his dream meant that he had a character flaw that he needed to address and pray more about and she thought that her dream of many bathrooms filling a house were showing her that she needed to clean up the outside of her. The gist of her blog was that major changes were coming.

Without knowing her exact situation I have a pretty good idea what is happening in her life. Given that she also posts regularly on Facebook and on her blog, it is quite clear what sort of things she is going through. In addition to that she even has posted previous dreams and her perceived interpretations. The frustrating part of this situation for me is that I cannot help at all. Even if I thought that she would not be offended, she already seems to be the type of person that acts as though once she believes she knows something, another person would not be invited to correct her.

So now all I can do is use this opportunity to write my own blog post to give an example of what her dream likely means so that others may understand should they ever experience the same kind of dream. What follows is some logical clarification of what many bathroom symbols mean and how these symbols can create a picture of your situation. Keep in mind that most of our communication from Yah in the form of dreams occurs because we are refusing to see and deal with things that are right in front of us and as spiritual children we will create our own understanding of things like dreams in the same way children would create their own understanding of electricity, for example, before an adult would teach them.

In a dream, bathrooms represent a private place of emotional cleansing and release. Outbursts like crying, temper tantrums, stubborn outbursts, anger, laughter, pleasure, whining, complaining, etc but only these emotions expressed in a private place. Dirty skin represents a build up of feelings of low self-esteem or insecurity because your skin represents the barrier between the state of your feelings and mind being seen from the outside world. Taking a shower represents private emotional cleansing. Going on the toilet represents the more embarrassing releases and outbursts of emotion that are usually kept private or should be kept private because they come from deep within. Any of these deeds being done in public in dreams represent emotional outbursts in front of others in our waking life carried out inappropriately.

Dirty bathrooms are not representative of character flaws nor are dark ones. Character is based something you do that others can see and is often symbolized by clothing, so dirty laundrdirty bathroomy is a more appropriate symbol of a character flaw. A dirty bathroom represents your ability to properly cleanse your emotions. An abandoned bathroom means that you haven’t been very emotional lately and a very clean bathroom means that you pay a lot of attention to cleansing your emotions or expressing them. A house full of bathrooms represents a mind that is consumed with emotional cleansing in an unbalanced way as a house in your waking life would not be full of bathrooms. Spending a lot of time telling a public forum your private issues, complaining incessantly, airing “dirty laundry”, acting out in public are all waking life actions that can cause a dream like that to occur.

I believe that while the woman who writes the blog means well and probably believes that allowing her life to be so transparent is something that connects her to others, she may also be using the outlet to fulfill something within her that makes her believe that she is always justified in her feelings but in somewhat of an unbalanced way. If she understood the meaning of her dream she could make quite a big change indeed but alas, she will have to take a longer path until she realizes fully that airing every bad situation in her life is unbalanced and does not bring honor to our king as much as airing only the best situations in her life.

As far as her son’s dream goes, a bathroom with the light out would mean that while you know you should feel emotional in an area, you just cannot see what to do to get things started. Her son is probably struggling with apathy or perhaps he is just dealing with an area of his life he knows he should feel happy about or emotional about and he just cannot get the emotions to come out.

All in all, this post isn’t to try and make a woman look bad in regards to her personal life and issues but rather to point out the consistent inaccuracies in most people’s interpretations of their own dreams. This prevents them from moving farther forward on their path and should this woman ever read this blog and recognize her own story, I would say that I mean no offense. Given her purpose to expose inaccuracies in her line of gifting she will hopefully instead understand. Our dreams are first and foremost communication from Yah to help us on our own personal internal issues that need resolving before they are for “the body” or anything or anybody else.