The Symbolism of a House

Posted by: Brittney Zellner

Today we look at the symbolism of a house. Whether in a dream or in life, a house represents the place in which we live. In a dream the place we live is our mind. It is where all decisions are based out of and where all of our moods occur. The size, style, age, color etc of the house are all indicative of the state of our mind.

A house in your dream may be different than your current house because a dreamed of house would represent a past, passing, current or future state of mind.

For example, if I dream of a mansion that is dirty and falling apart with cobwebs in every corner, I may in my waking life, have a state of mind that feels very, very important and yet I have allowed it to be in a shameful state of disrepair and neglect. When thinking over my life to find the correlation, I may realize that while I think college is very very important I have been neglecting my studies and doing poorly while my debt increases and my family becomes disappointed in me.

‚Ķanother example would be if I dreamt myself living in a small tent but upon entering the tent there is a beautiful house within with elaborate rooms all neatly organized and clean. This house would be indicative of a waking life state of mind that other’s may view as uncomfortable and hard work while your view of your way of thinking and state of mind is of admiration, clear headedness and being honorable. When searching for the correlation you may discover that you have noticed that while you seem to be happy and fullfilled spending lots of time doing charity work, your family and friends do not understand how it could be anything but difficult.

These are just two examples of limitless possibilities depending on the dream and each dreamer’s life. Dreams are from Abba so it is important to look beyond the simple symbols and search out how they match up with our lives. We must use the emotions associated with the dream to further understand what is happening and then our rationale to determine the right direction to go in. Keep in mind that dreams may seem confusing because they don’t seem to “make sense” with how you see things in your waking life but they are simply a language of communication being used in a purposeful way to encourage you forward, change your direction or stop you entirely.

For the mansion example we may realize that Abba is telling us what we already know, that we should work harder in college and do better in our studies to honor him and our family. The tent dream may just be communication that confirms for us that while our family may be trying to convince and advise us that charity work is all wrong for us we can clearly see that our view of it is far healthier and that we should continue in it.