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Parallel Symbolisms - Memorial Day

I find it interesting that on both Memorial Day in the United States of America and Shavuot and Pentecost Day in Israel and everywhere, people are honoring others that have marked out the path of their freedom. It has been marked out in both their spiritual life living for Jesus and/or the God of creation and in their physical lives here in our beloved country of opportunity. It is because of this curious coincidence of memorials that I decided to write a post of all the symbolisms of these most honored days and some other symbolic associations as well. […]

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Springtime Symbolisms

Ahhhh yes. It is my favorite time of year again, the time of year when all the Biblical Holy Days begin anew. I just love all of the festivities and the challenges and the trials….yes, even the trials or what I like to call– “Holy Day Growing”.

In case you didn’t notice, this post will relate more to those who observe or have been observing the biblical feasts for some time. I’m not trying to leave out any unobservant Christians but you will still get a lot out of this post if you read on. I include Easter, biblical holy days, and springtime symbolisms. […]

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Dreams Belong to God Only - Part Two

What about where the Bible warns that false prophets might use dreams to give weight to their message?

This was the question I posed in last week’s newsletter. In Deuteronomy 13:1-5 and Jeremiah 23:25-28 we learn that there is something we must be very wary about when it comes to Dream Interpreters and people who claim to speak for God. But could it be that these verses are not what you think? Could they perhaps speak about the corruption of people and not the corruption of the actual dreams? […]

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Dreams Belong to God Only - Part One

Does the Bible say some dreams don’t come from God?

In Job, we read that nightmares come from God in order to warn us. A little more explanation of that is here. …but what about other biblical evidence that all dreams come from God? There is no question that Abraham’s dreams, Abimelech’s dreams, Pharoah’s dreams, Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams, the man in the army against Gideon’s dream, Jacob’s dreams, Laban’s dream, Solomon’s dream, the baker’s dream, the cupbearer’s dream, Daniel’s dream, Joseph (stepfather of Jesus)’s dreams and the wife of Pontius Pilate’s dream (Phew! That’s a mouthful…) all came from God. Every single dream turned out to […]

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We Are Born Beautiful

This morning I was talking to my daughters about our purpose here in this world. I had just reread the story of Absalom in the bible and I realized a parallel that I thought my children would really understand and could genuinely give them guidance throughout the course of their lives. In addition to that lesson, one of the most prominent of things that has stuck out to me the past few days is how truly blessed I am to live in a country with so much opportunity and I really wanted to drive that point home for them also. I think that most people believe that children and adult Americans take living in this country and all of our wonderful opportunities for granted. I am hoping to change that in them. […]

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The Dreams of Children

Bombshell: When children dream, their dreams are mostly for their parents to hear.

I know that sounds strange but in my experience, a child does not, except in rare instances, have a psychological understanding of him or herself or an awareness of spiritual maturity until they are closer to their teens. Dreams deal very strongly with both of those things on a personal level. Not to worry, though, because one day these purposeful symbol-words spoken to your child from God will be familiar enough to eventually understand …but not yet. It is important for parents to understand that when their young children dream it is actually a message for them, the parent(s). […]

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The Dual Nature of Symbols Part Two

***Warning! This post contains subject matter that is inappropriate for children to read or hear. ***
If you keep in mind that all dreams come from God, that makes this topic a very hard pill to swallow. If you have read my post about how dreams are not what you really think they are then you will have heard my two examples of why those as spiritually young as we are would think a dream containing a very uncomfortable or scary symbol could never come from an all-loving father but that they do. […]

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The Dual Nature of Symbols Part One

I was reading this Facebook post the other day where a woman told of her daughter’s dream with this symbol in it. She was in her home and somewhere hidden in her house was the encircled upright pentagram. There were a ton of responses from people trying to give dream interpretations and advice. […]

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What Do Tornado Dreams Mean

Is a tornado dream a sign of something bad on the horizon??
People often dream of tornados. It usually leaves the dreamer with a sense of foreboding that is difficult to ignore or let go of. It’s true that waking life tornados symbolize serious destruction but the ones in our dreams…do they symbolize the same thing? […]

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720x355 Not What You Think Blog Image

What Are Dreams?

Everyone dreams but no one seems to know for sure why we dream. Some believers think that our dreams come from God and that some come from the adversary or even demons. Further still, people believe that maybe some of their dreams are just nonsense. They believe it’s possible that they just ate one too many spicy tacos and their unconscious mind goes into spazz mode while they sleep. This is the typical belief among believers. However, I think it’s important to know that dreams are probably not what you think they are. […]

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720x355 What does your dream really mean Blog Image

To put it simply, your dream is communication from God to give you guidance in life.

We don’t always feel that we need guidance but apparently, He does. Sometimes his guidance is an encouragement to keep up the good work. Sometimes it’s a gentle correction or a refocusing of the direction you are going. It is even sometimes a warning that you are headed for disaster. […]

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720x355 Hokey or Holy Blog Image

Dream interpretation…I know people who think they can do it and people who are like, “It’s totally bonk!”

Sure, as believers in the Messiah, we read about God speaking to humans through dreams in the scriptures but that’s probably just like special circumstance stuff right??

I mean, I’ve had lots of dreams and I don’t ever remember seeing what I imagine God looks like just chatting it up with me while I sleep, although, I imagine some of you have. […]

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The Dreams of Joseph Part Two

This dream of Joseph’s most certainly parallels his first dream in meaning but it also sends a slightly different message. (If you have not read the blog post about Joseph’s first dream, you can find it here.) Double dreaming or dreaming a second dream with essentially the same message is a way for Abba to not only confirm a message to us but it does so by giving us another angle or point of view at which to understand the message. […]

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Are You A Goat Or A Sheep_

Jesus makes it very clear the differences between a goat and a sheep. In the verses that follow these, he specifies the difference between those on the right (“right” symbolizes faith to those who follow God and irrationality to those in the world) and those on the left
(“left” symbolizes knowledge and logic but can also symbolize a lack of faith and trust in God). […]

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The Armor of God Series – The Sword of the Spirit

A person I admire greatly reminded me recently during a chat about Ephesians 6 that swords don’t start as swords. In fact, most armor does not start at all the way we envision the final product. Swords, in particular, represent truth and the word of God. Our ability to use the truth correctly is reflected in the knowledge and understanding we have of it that can be utilized for the purposes of God’s will and the glory of his kingdom. […]

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The Dreams of Joseph Part One

Though his dreams were short, there was much more to them than meets the eye. Most people assume that when the brothers interpreted the dream that they were correct in their interpretation …and since we all know how the story ends with the brothers bowing down to Joseph, it is safe to assume we are correct as well …right? But are dreams really that simple? […]

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Whats In A Name - what does a name mean

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

Is this true? An article from a notable Lebanese author and journalist Amin Maalouf seems
to suggest that the origin of the word “rose” which is now associated with beauty may have actually been associated with the word for “thorn” giving the rose both a positive and negative symbolism. Yes, the rose will still smell sweet but to quote Mr. Maalouf it might be safe to assume that “the original name for ‘rose’ was probably linked to its capacity to be a nuisance rather than to its beauty.” […]

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The Symbolism of a Love Letter

I can remember days of my youth reading the Song of Solomon and giggling at all the visuals and risqué innuendos. I never really understood why anyone would describe a woman in such a way. When I describe something I love, I think of things that are beautiful to me and apparently, they are not the same type of things that were beautiful to King Solomon. In all seriousness, however, Solomon’s compliments were symbolically more profound than any mere comparison of two objects. Using symbolism I am going to break down chapter four, verses one through five of the description of the woman so that we may see the true intentions of his praises. […]

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The Symbolism of Video Games

In a dream, playing video games symbolizes something in life that you enjoy that challenges you but isn’t something that should be taken seriously and might even be a waste of your time.

As a child I loved to play the Atari with my cousins and sister. We as children would spend hours learning how to challenge ourselves with something that wasn’t really important. It even really felt good to beat those challenging levels and waste some of those boring childhood hours…but now we grow up and what have we learned? […]

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Seven Steps to Dream Interpretation

What follows is a basic set of steps that goes into the interpretation of a dream. This is only the most rudimentary process. You may ask yourself these questions but keep in mind that this process is not what it appears at first glance. I will give an example of a real dream using this basic method that walks you through dream interpretation so that you can see how each step brings you to the conclusion.
1. What was your first impression?

2. What was your action/what did you do/what were you doing?

3. How did it make you feel?
These are the first three questions to ask after the dream has been recounted. Write these down and remember that your symbols and feelings may not match or make sense right away. […]

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The Symbolism of the Bathroom

In a dream, bathrooms represent a private place of emotional cleansing and release. Outbursts like crying, temper tantrums, stubborn outbursts, anger, laughter, pleasure, whining, complaining, etc but only these emotions expressed in a private place. Dirty skin represents a build up of feelings of low self-esteem or insecurity because your skin represents the barrier between the state of your feelings and mind being seen from the outside world. Taking a shower represents private emotional cleansing. Going on the toilet represents […]

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The Rules of Dreams

What is a dream and what are the rules?
So, of course, no human probably really knows exactly what dreams are. There are hundreds of books written on the subject and countless opinions and ideas about their purpose or lack thereof. However, there is much that we can deduce from the bible and from general logic about the purpose of dreams. This blog generally deals with many aspects of life but being that I feel I may have something to offer in the understanding and purpose of dreams, I am going to share. […]

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What does salt represent in the bible

Salt is symbolic of justice, both a righteous judgment and a lack thereof. Lot’s wife became a symbol of excessive objectivity and lack of moderation of Yah’s judgment when she looked back possibly in pity at those being judged, adding her own opinion to his verdict. The salt in the offerings shows that even if our hearts are offering what they should that they are worthless and cannot be enjoyed completely without the savor of justice. […]

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The Symbolism of a House

Today we look at the symbolism of a house. Whether in a dream or in life, a house represents the place in which we live. In a dream the place we live is our mind. It is where all decisions are based out of and where all of our moods occur. The size, style, age, color etc of the house are all indicative of the state of our mind.

A house in your dream may be different than your current house because a dreamed of house would represent a past, passing, current or future state of mind.

For example, if I dream of a […]

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Symbolism as a Language

In the bible and in everyday life this language is all around us and most of us have a basic understanding of its significance and how it works. What many of us don’t realize, however, is that it keeps on speaking endlessly even when we do not think we notice.

From dreams and stories to movies and music symbolism stands out as mostly an artistic expression. I will venture into the world of ideas where what we think of as an artistic expression is really a part of the same logical processes that everyone possesses whether right-brained or left-brained. […]

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