Why Dreams Are NOT What You Think

What Are Dreams?

Everyone dreams but no one seems to know for sure why we dream. Some believers think that our dreams come from God and that some come from the adversary or even demons. Further still, people believe that maybe some of their dreams are just nonsense. They believe it’s possible that they just ate one too many spicy tacos and their unconscious mind goes into spazz mode while they sleep. This is the typical belief among believers. However, I think it’s important to know that dreams are probably not what you think they are. […]

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What does your dream really mean?

To put it simply, your dream is communication from God to give you guidance in life.

We don’t always feel that we need guidance but apparently, He does. Sometimes his guidance is an encouragement to keep up the good work. Sometimes it’s a gentle correction or a refocusing of the direction you are going. It is even sometimes a warning that you are headed for disaster. […]

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Is Dream Interpretation Hokey Or Holy??

Dream interpretation…I know people who think they can do it and people who are like, “It’s totally bonk!”

Sure, as believers in the Messiah, we read about God speaking to humans through dreams in the scriptures but that’s probably just like special circumstance stuff right??

I mean, I’ve had lots of dreams and I don’t ever remember seeing what I imagine God looks like just chatting it up with me while I sleep, although, I imagine some of you have. […]

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