Comprehensive, Biblical & Sound guidance for


Comprehensive, Biblical & Sound guidance for


I teach people just like you the process of understanding and easily interpreting the message of each and every one of your dreams.


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FREE WORKSHOP: Personal Dream Interpretation Basics

In this workshop, I will teach you all the basics of dream interpretation for personal spiritual growth. Everything from symbolism and the different parts of a dream all the way to its purpose and what parts to pay the most attention to.

Discover The Definition Of Every Dream Symbol

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Daily understanding of your dreams and how to interpret them to gain substantial spiritual growth.

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    Find Out What Your Dream Really Means.

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    Is Dream Interpretation Important Or Baloney?

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    Find Out Why Your Dreams Are Not What You Think.

Hello there, I'm Brittney Zellner

I have been studying dream interpretation for well over 10 years. I think my approach to interpreting dreams is revolutionary because I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can and should be able to interpret their own dreams and that every single dream we have comes from our heavenly father. I've written about this from a biblical perspective in blog posts, podcasts, other publications, and media.

I have also successfully taught dream interpretation to various individuals at different levels who show interest but have no obvious supernatural dream interpretation gifting.

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“…Brittney is an amazing teacher, listener, and a gifted woman of God that simply radiates humility, loving-kindness, and discretion…”

Gavriela Powers

Author at Healthy Relationships Matter
“Brittney has been super helpful and always willing to interpret my dreams! Each one I give to her has always made complete sense for the season the Father had me in. I’m super grateful for the blessing of knowing I have someone I can ask for help when it comes to understanding what the Father is trying to speak to me.”

Kirstin Jo Van Meter

Stay at Home Mother and Veteran